Friday, August 10, 2012


Idaho Farm
We cross into Idaho, stopping first in Fruitland at the Neat Retreat for a couple of days to take stock and research our destinations for the next few weeks.  There are some issues with the repairs to Dimples, so we head for the burbs of Boise, where fortunately Airstream Adventures Northwest has a location. They make the corrections while we wait. Also, Dave needs an oil change and this gets done the same day.  Taking advantage of the shopping opportunities here, i.e. REI and Sierra Outfitter’s Outlet, we pick up some of the things we’ll need in the next few weeks as we head to the Tetons and Yellowstone. (Cool stuff like: walking stick/monopods, bear spray, Mosquito spray for gear and Camelbak Hydration Packs) 

After checking our Urban Spoon App we stop by El Rinconcito for some “highly rated” Mexican food in Nampa.  Maybe we should have ordered something else, but the ground beef enchiladas and the tostada, taco, chile relleno combination left a lot to be desired. The meat flavors remind us of Taco Bell and their “hot” salsa was anything but for our taste buds.  Overall: pretty ordinary, but they did serve Negra Modello one of our favorite Mexican Beers. So all was not lost, as it hit the spot on a really hot day!  ;o)
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Little Camus Res.
We want to spend time in the 1000 springs area along the Snake River but our resort of choice is booked up until later in the week.  So we spend a couple of nights at the Fort Running Bear RV Resort on the Little Camus Reservoir.  It’s hot, and dusty, but we get out the bikes and our new Camelbak Hydration Packs. (FYI these backpacks are extremely comfortable and work GREAT!) We ride around the resort and reservoir.  The trails are a combination of gravel, dirt and rocks with some nice climbs and great views. It makes for a fun ride.

1000 Springs Area
Next we head to Hagerman, where we stay at the 1000 Springs Resort.  This is a hot springs resort with private mineral bath Jacuzzis, large public pool, picnic areas, tent camping and a small RV park, located right on the Snake River across from the springs that pour out from the cliffs.  The day use and dry camping areas are green and beautiful with boat docks and shade, but the RV portion is all gravel, by the road, and in our opinion their weakest feature.  However, the views are spectacular and don’t forget the private mineral bath Jacuzzis!!!

Hagerman Horse
Fossil Beds
The weather is in triple digits.   This is the first time we run our air conditioner.  We hike around the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.  The Camelbak Packs get another workout.  We also try out the Kafka Cool Ties from REI.  They really work and we are pretty comfortable despite the heat. The land here is dry, dusty and barren.  We don’t see any fossils on our hike, but we do see more of the wagon tracks along the Oregon Trail. In the town of Hagerman, we stop at the fossil Museum and learn a bit about the Hagerman Horses and what makes these fossil beds unique.  

Magic Valley

Shoshone Falls
We drive down to Shoshone Falls for more hiking and photos.  On our return we take the back roads through the Magic Valley and stop at Kelley’s Canyon Orchard in Filer to pick up peaches and cantaloupe. We also pick up a watermelon at the market in Hagerman.  The melons here are spectacular.  

Hatchery Exhibit
Visits to the National Fish Hatchery and the Idaho State Fish Hatchery fill out the rest of our time here.

Each night we trek over to the hot springs and cook ourselves.  Afterward, it feels quite cool when we walk back to Dimples. This is one of the most relaxing spots we’ve visited and rates a Dave and Dimples recommendation for overall ambiance and outstanding staff.

More Area Photos

Now it’s off to the moon…


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